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Saudade Sea Training

Diploma: Full Training in Navigation

Diploma: Full Training in Navigation

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Are you passionate about the sea and sailing? Would you like to be confident enough to run a boat yourself and enjoy with your family and friends on board?

We offer you comprehensive training so that you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate safely. The training program will provide you with a balanced combination of theory and practice, covering different topics such as: navigation techniques, sail handling, maritime safety, meteorology, etc.

At the end of the program, you will obtain your diploma.

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What does it consist of?

A training program made up of different courses, which do not necessarily have to be taken in the order presented below.

● Sail trimming and rigging
● Supporting sails
● Nautical charts and plotter
● Mechanical
● Crossing
● Night navigation
● Meteorology

What requirements are necessary to obtain the diploma?

To obtain the diploma it is necessary to complete all courses.

What is the deadline to complete the training program?

There is no specific deadline to complete the training program; although it is designed to be carried out in 6 months.

Why should you sign up?

● You will gain confidence and acquire specific skills to function confidently at sea.
● You will learn from active professionals in the nautical sector.
● You will have flexibility when choosing the date to take each course.
● The classes are mainly practical, which will allow you to apply your knowledge in real situations.
● You can learn to navigate with a sailboat up to 15 meters in length.
● You will share experiences with other sea lovers.

For detailed information, you can access each course page.

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